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Just For You!

For someone who loves me a lot
I waited for you…
Just for you!
Before i gave my heart away
There were those
who came into my life
And left as strangers
There were those who came
And stayed as friends
But never could i give
my heart completely
B’coz i was waiting for you
Just for you…
…And you were worth the wait!
With Lots of Love
From the heart that beats
Just for YOU!

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Request to God !

Create a man with handicapped

He will stand on his hard work!

Create a man with dumbness

He will speak with his truth!


Create a man with deafness

He will listen with his strength!

Create a man with blindness

He will live with his imagine!


Create a man with innocence

He will become intelligent!

Create a man with ignorance

He will become a poet!


But don’t create a man with heartless

Not to live as god!

Not to forget …

To live as a Human!

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Happiness is hidden !


Happiness is hidden in everywhere

Without happiness no universe is there !

Happiness is the boon of earth

Without happiness human is not worth !


God created Adam and eve

And his dream is not fulfil

If god’s wish not become true

Is it possible for man’s wish to be sure?


Sometimes like success failure is also good thing to deal

Few good things must hidden in bad things to feel…

Others view good or bad is not our mistake

No society is there without mistakes

After mistakes modern society born

How shoes came into life, say thanks to thorn!


Every bitter flower has honey inside the cell

Pleasure pearl is living inside the suffering shell

All the truth held behind the lie…

After storm there is always rain and clear sky!

Heart is not bin to keep sorrow

Heart is the flower pot to grow…


Learn how to convert flowers into garlands

Learn how to convert tear drops into diamonds

Courage to face anything

Leads to fear nothing!


Sadness is the key to happiness

Failure is the path to success

If you accept, universe will impress!

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Friendship !

When we first met, I didn’t think

We had very much in common …

But then, after i got to know you better

I found that i was laughing harder…

Being crazier than  usual and enjoying myself more!

I learned that the things that makes us different

Are the things that make

Our friendship so special!

Getting to know you has helped me

Get to know myself better…

You are very special person

who means more to me each day!

I’m so glad so thankful

To have you as my friend forever!

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New World!

A world of new possibilities
Has opened up for you
With every step you take
Every move you make
May life shower all the beautiful things
That filled your life with
Happiness peace and success
Love, Luck, Laughter
That makes your world
A wonderful place to be
Forever and ever!

Your attitude determines your altitude
Change your thoughts
It will change your world!
Let your days bloom with these
As time takes its own sweetest way
Reach your dreams and catch your aims
Want to see you smile always
That’s all your loved ones say!

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Everyday is an Occasion !

Everyday is an Occasion
To remember…
The beautful feeling passes through us..

The laughter and the smiles
The Joy and the sorrow
The many secrets shared
Over many golden miles

This day I would like you to remember
Something that is wonderfully true…
That every day, every moment…
someone is there for you

Thinking of you
Living for you
And Waiting for you
Make the most of your time
To feel and enjoy the Happiness
The treasure Of the Great Day!

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