Category: Moral Stories

The weakening of the strength

One boy wanted to learn judo. He lost his left hand in an accident. However, regardless of his situation, master admitted to train him.

Everyday master trained him . But he taught him that trick only one punch. It went four to five months. Still the same activity. The boy not understand anything. But continued to practice.

One day, the boy has asked the master regarding the same punch. “This is more than enough to you,” master said. Days passed. Master and boy went to the competition. Many hated seeing the boy with a hand saw. But … you guessed correctly. The boy won the competition. He outrage against the much more experienced persons than himself got into the projector. Everyone surprised . Little boy too.

“How I managed to win with one hand and one stab? he asked the master

Master said: “It’s only two reasons. One of the most difficult phase in judo you learned. Two, if you want to prevent this BLOW you have to apprehend the left hand of the person, which you don’t have it.

The boy said plainly thanks to the master.

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